How I started

It’s only last year when I started blogging. At first, the reason why I want to make a blog, is because I am kinda pissed to teens nowadays who’s blogging yet only for popularity. I know all of us make a blog to be known but I believe that to be a good writer, you should write to be notice, understood and appreciated, not just to be fame -and that’s a big difference. Mostly of those teen’s posts are nonsense yet clapped by the others and honestly speaking I am somehow, get jealous. I said to myself, if they can then, I can do it too. I know writing is my passion. I am a lover of words ever since I was young. I still remember when, -to be a writer is one of my ambition yet I don’t wanna be a journalist. So, my mom says that you should not make writing as a center. Don’t focus on it. You should atleast have a degree that will make them proud. And for the result, I am now an incoming grade 12, pursuing general academics for I am still undecided. I don’t know what course really suits to me.
 I started from a scratch, a really plain scratch, seriously. I have nothing even a single dot. I started first, searching for a good blog host. I already tried some and read many various reviews and end up to wordpress. And I have no regrets in paying a few minutes just to install and try this. I am 100% satisfied not just because of the wordpress but to everyone who makes wordpress as a whole. Blogging, was really hard at first. When you start blogging, it’s up to you on how you can gain followers and audiences. You should really have patience in following and inviting everyone. Patience is a virtue, indeed. And now, here I am. From a plain scratch to somehow, to dots, for I always have this “I can improve, watch me” and “I am who I am, I can do great things” in my mind.

I wanna share this to you guys not because I want to shout out what I’ve been, but, to encourage all of you to strive hard. This is life and you’re the one who makes your own path. Always keep in mind that we are all raised to stand up and conquer every milliseconds of our life. 


31 thoughts on “How I started

  1. I am almost turning 21 and I still font know what I want. I am happy you actually don’t know what you want because that means you aren’t going with the noise of what others want you to do. You’re focusing on yourself. I think getting published is easier today with the rise of indi-authors. I also want to have writing in my future too and I have been noticing some improvement in my writing as I blog more.

    I know what you mean about kids writing for popularity instead of selfexpression. This is one of the reasons I prefer WP more than Tumblr because more kids tend to lie around the latter. I hope you rise and conquer more, one tiny stumbling block at a time

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