A Model

“A model should know that her responsibility is to show the characterics of a woman”

It was monday and I arrived school late. Friday last week our teacher randomly select students and started the impromptu speech but unfortunately time flew fast and we’re 50 in the class so my teacher says that we’ll continue it next week. So monday, as I arrived in our classroom, one of my classmate is in front already, so, my teacher told me I’m next. Then, when it is my turn, I don’t know what’s going in my mind  for it’s an impromptu speech. Not even a single dot comes to my mind. I really don’t have an idea to what topic my teacher will give me. I’m a bit nervous yet confident but when my teacher says that discuss about ” A model should know that her responsibility is to show the characterics of a woman” I am relief because modeling is my dream. Since then when I was young, I love to take photos of me, posed to cameras, and such but I haven’t tried photoshoot to professional photographers even once. When I started talking, all the memories flashes into my mind that I wanna be a model, I wanna be, I wanna be. “Growing up, I always wanted to be a model. For me, beauty is not about being good, being beautiful, looking beautiful and most definitely it’s not about being known. It’s about having the purity of oneself and the courageousness to be fearless. To fear no one to stand who you are, because for me beauty is to be yourself, and I also believe that we are raised to conquer every milliseconds of our life. Thank you.” I don’t know if I am right to your own point of you about the statement given to me but this is what I believe and feel. Right now, I am trying my best to get in to this model search. And they already approved my entry and now I am waiting if I am in or not they told me it takes few weeks to know the result. Patience is a virtue! 

P.S. this is just a quick post, so it might have errors specially in my grammar. Pls help me to improve. Thankyou! Mabuhay from the PH!


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