3rd day

So it’s already 3days when you decided to break up with me but didn’t happen for I am the kind of person who don’t wanna lose what’s hers. The days were only feel froze to the breeze of your coldness. You keep on ignoring me yet I never get tired chasing you. I’m still willing to be here for you even if those millions reasons to stay are slowly vanish one by one. I still wanna make this work despite of it’s fatal condition. I always wanna tell you “don’t leave me” but I know sooner or later, you gonna leave me without any words. You know what? That night after I told you to open your heart, I become more afraid. Those breezes suddenly becames giggles. You became sweet eventually. I am afraid that it’s just for the night, that when you wake up, I will never hear your voice calling me “baby” again…


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