12 noon thoughts

There’s this friend of ours or someone we know, who always use this line “incase that you’re not okay, don’t forget to call me, I am always here for you.” But the truth, not all the time the people who told us to be in our side will always be. Not all the time people you expected to be there will be there because the truth, you don’t always have to expect things. You don’t always have to depend on someone to comfort you and whatsoever. Because, not everyone who’s with you in your good days, will be there to your bad days. Not everyone will stick on you permanently. There’s no such thing as forever in this world. (Maybe love?) -but everything changes. Everything is temporary even those so called love ones of ours. You have to learn to stand by your own so you can conquer every milleseconds of your life. So, you can vanish all the wickens shits that been throwin to us. I’m not saying this for you to go away from those toxic and non-toxic peeps out there or to own your problems, to be alone and etc. but, to tell you, to stand in you own, whether you have or doesn’t have someone by your side. Always remember that we are all who we are. We can do great things! 


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