30th of April

T’was only like yesterday when I started to open my eyes in this beautiful world. When I started to learn things. When I started to understand what it is. And appreciate what truly life is. As growing up, it’s never been easy to me. I had face many trials and inevitable words from uncountable judgemental folks that keeps on pulling me down from where am I, from where I stand and from where I am happy. I grow up being used to them, them that who keeps on taking away my smiles and laughters for numerous times yet here I am. I may be used to, but the heart of someone’s used to is, undescribable. It’s beating in rhythm, a bad rhythm.  The rhythm of unfortune and pain. My heart? My heart is slowly beating, it’s tired but it didn’t give up. Again, here I am, I have been knocked out so many times yet manages to stand. I couldn’t believe that I am turning 18 today! Life full of anxiety and depression was been a battle I’ve been dwellin of for how many years and I am indeed lucky for still existing. Thank you everything for building and molding me for who I am today. Horay for todaaay! Happiest 18th birthday to me. I’m legally a woman yet still a legit gal that would keep on kicking ass on way to succes.. Wishing more inspiring words to comes, for me to share it to each and everyone. 

P.S. Life is dope, do things dope!


Andrea Aliser.


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