Waking up each day with a bunch of disappointments and somewhat questions life, -like,why I still exist in this word, is the feeling I am kinda used to. I’m kinda exhausted yet still have the determination to chin up and say ‘I can’ even if the other side of me is dying. Sometimes, I view myself as a strong woman yet the rearview of that, is something I can no longer smile at. I’m anxious, I’m a pessimist and behind the sweet potato outside is a truth that only few knows –I don’t have a positive outlook in life. So right now, I started to think if i’m gonna continue blogging/writing because my only goal here is to share positive vibes or words to everyone, to inspire them, to keep kicking their ass but how can I share positiveness in life if i’m already profounded in the rare view of bitter-sweet. If even me can no longer says ‘be positive,’ if even me is no longer exist in this happy world. If even myself is already eaten by the darkness.. how can I continue? 


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