I’m a bit uncomfortable today. Early morning, I sat in the couch and scroll on facebook. One of the post that catches my eyes is a post in where a girl discussed about depression. One of the lines i felt unhappy is “Mahina ka kung hinayaan mo lamunin ka ng depression mo” (You are weak if you let depression eat u) What’s the point of saying that? I mean all of us are weak. We all ended fucked up in various shits in life. I am just unhappy on how easy she says things about depression. Like, you aren’t depressed, you don’t have the same life and so on. It’s so easy to say love yourself! You are enough while the truth you can’t love yourself because you know to yourself that you aren’t enough and you are striving hard at this moment to be better and not to be enough! Because to be enough isn’t happiness but to fail yourself to go out of the box! It’s so easy for us to say motivating words while the truth it’s really hard to apply. It’s not a heard and apply thingy. It’s really easy for us to says such words because we aren’t in the same shoes. It’s not easy to fight depression, girl. It’s really a matter of life and death. Don’t just say be strong because no matter how strong you are, there will always a day that you’ll wake up and say “I can’t anymore. I don’t know what to do.” Please, to the girl who posted it, the next time you post about depression, be honest to yourself. Don’t just put motivating words to motivate. 

P.S. this is just only my point of view. You can tell me what I don’t know, anytime. You are free to comment your thoughts. 🙂


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