The truth: everyone can be criminals

Nowadays, we find criminals or people that may hurt us as gross looking type of peeps in the society. We often called them as “gangrenous dick” in the community. But, lately as what I’ve experienced and what I’ve read, I realized many things. 

First, in my experience. It’s 8:05pm that time I am just walkin outside the school. I am about to go home that time when there’s a man stopped me that really shookt me. He literally blocked my way but my surprised heart slightly calm when he politely greet me “Hi.” He’s sorry for giving me fear inside and then asked about a place I am not familiar with for I am not living nearby. Even if I already told him that I don’t know where it is, he followed me while walking and keep on saying sorry for what happened earlier. Then asked me about where’s the hypermarket when it is obvious that where walking towards it. I didn’t say a thing and point it instead. I continued to walk as I am catching my poor scared heart. Feeling every steps of him walking together with me. What scares me more is when he speaks unto different tone and told me he was’nt really asking for directions but to follow me. Good thing we reached the parking area with lots of people. I tried my very best to walk fast as I could in a not obvious way and thanks he disappeared. Maybe if there’s no people surrounds us he might still follow me. The experience is is very scary and unforgettable that everytime I am walking in I’d feel my nerves wrecking.

Second, to what I’ve read. This may be a one-sided story  if you’ll look at but try to analyze what I am pointing out. There’s this issue or “haka-haka” (speculation, assumption, suspicion) in the society that policemen killed a 17 yrs. old drug runner. A drug runner is the one who takes illegal drugs from one to another. They say that it is not true that the 17 yrs. old is a drug runner. They pushed that it is a very kind child so how can he do it? The other side says that there are are evidences they’d gather to prove the alligation. To sum it up, if the issue is really true, where do the police-men get their courage to take away the life of a 17 yrs. old child? Police-men are the one who should protect and serve the citizens they represent. Despite of the case of a 17 yrs old if proven, killing is still in whatever and wherever side you’ll look at should still be condemned. #JusticeForKian

Lastly, to everyone. There’s this girl, she cries over grades. One time, she arrrived home happily to tell her parents that she’s on the top. But, she was ignored. The next day, she’s seen full of blood. Wanna know why? She did everything for her to have their attention. She gave it all but she was left alone. I know that you do feel the same way. You love them so much but in return they’ll hurt you. We always tend to receive the opposite care that we shared.

What I wanted to tell in this post is, people that may hurt us are everywhere. Things change. The 3 paragraphs only says that everywhere can be a crime scene and everyone can be criminals . Someone we don’t expect them to, can actually do that to you. No matter how you pushed things to work out, not everything will always fall unto your plans. Only yourself is your support. There’s no one you can be with, every minute. So be strong. Not for them, but for you. You are always worth it. You are born to slay every minute. You wasn’t born to be a mediocre. Grow up. Even if we shout for humanity the reality is, it is nowhere to be find. So, if there’s no more humanity in this word, be the change. Everything starts and lasts with you. Begin to vision life as a combat field, be prepared because you don’t know when the bullets of the enemy strikes.


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