I wish that there comes a day that you will say “I lost the moon while counting the stars”

That night, as how heavy the rain pouring is, is my eyes filled with ocean that leaves single scars.

Every beat of the heart, is an exhausted body that still chooses to stay even the mind already know that it wasn’t me anymore. 

It wasn’t me anymore, It wasn’t me you’re wishing to be with but it’s all me, the one you don’t care. 

I love you like how it start.

I miss you like how deeply the emotion filled the art.  

But then again, you aren’t happy. I am no longer your happiness. You’re already looking for the other

It feels like I am one of the rose that does not ended up being part of the bouquet. Because, you push me away without the present of nostalgia..

I am carried by bitter-sweet neutrality. Like how you were and gone far..

I wish you to be back with the gist of love and care. 

But, I know the nuclei we’ve been building of for months will not be the same again. I know it is no longer me, you’re looking for.

And so, I wish you realize and regret leaving me with those dirty martini over your hand.

And hope that someone will come to my life and will hold me better than you do.

Will hold me better than I hold my tears.

Will hold me better and will never ever go.

And will never ever let me go…

I love you like how it start but I think this is the end now

And this is only for sayin goodbye..

Good bye to “ours” that already died..

That will never everbgonna be alive..

I may promise that my love will never lasts, but this word is the last..



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