7Days Review: Is it really an acne-no-more with Castor Oil?

I’m pretty sure that most of you have probably knew this product. This product -Castor oil helps get rid of acne and helps in hair growth. (like thickening the eyelashes & brows) 

Last thursday november 9, 2017, since I’ve been having a break out, I decided to bought a small bottle of Castor Oil with a brandname “apollo” from watsons. It’s very afforadable for only 42.20 php you can already avail a 30mL bottle. 

Here it is..

Ready to take the challenge? 





o o p s before that, I take a “before-applying” photos first. For us to easily distinguish if there’s a progress or none.

Here are those..


Pimps everywhere. (These are both right side bc my left have none)

So yes, I put an arrows on each to point out lol. As you can see my acne have grown bad and alive. It hurts whenever it’s touched.

After washing my face at night and patted it to dry, I simply use my fingers to put it on the areas and since I’ve got excited, I’ve putted too much unintentionally. But, I have read some sites that castor oil moisturizes the skin and a good anti-bacterial, so, problem no more and I whip it all over my face. 


Of course, change is not the kind of “when u apply, u’ll get it right away” 

My pimples are still there of course but the others who are small are starting to fade.


I’ve noticed that my pimps are starting to dry. It’s healing.


They are dried already but nonetheless it bleed. I unintentionally had scratch it and the skin fell off that makes it bleed.


My skin is starting to clear my pimps. 


My pimples dried and those in my face are pimples marks only. At first, I was honestly become disappointed because the pimple marks darken.


Unfortunately, I dont have a good quality camera to use but when you see my face, it is starting to peel that those dark spots I dislike slowly change its skin a lighter and a better one.

In the 7 days of using, I really saw how it works. It may not clear off the pimples fully, I think that by using it continously, it will vanish those pimple marks completely.

All in all, I give this product 4 out of 5. It is thick in mixture and have a smell that will distinguish that it is an oil but is not bottersome. It’s not pricey and very affordable and as you can see, it really works!

 P.S. I know i’m ugly, u don’t have to say it.


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