Toothpaste for acne and blackheads?

Toothpaste is an effective agent in whitening our teeth and taking away cavities. Little we know, it also helps in clearing acne and blackheads. You don’t believe me? Then, try this steps.

1. Wash your face. Always wash your face, dear!

2. Tap to dry. Don’t harshly wipe your face. Tap it only with your clean towel to avoid irritations. 

3 Put on a little amount unto your fingers. Make sure that your fingers are clean. 

Take note: Whenever you apply toothpaste in your face, Don’t use toothpaste that has a stripe color and gel toothpaste because it has different mixture. Don’t use whitening toothpaste also because it has a strong agent that will only make your face dry. 

4. Tap it to the acne only. Don’t put it all over your face because it will make your skin dry too. Leave it for 8hrs or all night. But, if you have sensitive skin, rinse throughly after 10-15minutes only. 

Take note: Don’t use the toothpaste 4 times a week or greater. Apply it only atleast 2-3 times straight in a week  and you can already see the improvement and then after, let it heal itself. Don’t try to apply it again because it may darken and leave some spots on your face. I’m sure you don’t like that.😉


1. Wash your face and tap to dry. (Take note of the above.)

2. In a clean container, put toothpaste, a pinch of salt and drop of water. 

3. Mix it.

4. Apply it. Massage it. 

Take note:  the stinging feeling is normal.

5. Leave for 5-10minutes then massage again. 

6. Then rinse.

7. Apply ice cube to the area to close pores. 

After the application, you’ll see right away the improvement. It whitens already. Repeat 1-2times a week only.


Toothpaste really helps us in our acne and blackheads but take note that dermatologist don’t required it. So, precautions is a must! If you don’t want toothpaste, you can use tea tree oil, aloe vera, skinmate shark oil, castor oil and such. 

~Thankyou for reading!


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