The truth: Blackhead pore strips pilaten mask

You’ve probably noticed a stream of vids&photos/ advertisement bout how effective this product is, just like the photos below (pctto) But the truth is, after trying this for the second time around, Putting it all over my face,  waited it to dry  and peeled it back not minding how painful it is for believing in […]


I stepped towards the window, feeling the sun kisses my cheeks and my tears slowly flowing to.I remember how happy our relationship was, before, and suddenly, after waking up several mornings, everything started to change.. From “iloveyou and you are all I needed” to “iloveyou but you aren’t one of my priorities anymore.” I noticed […]

I’m a bit uncomfortable today. Early morning, I sat in the couch and scroll on facebook. One of the post that catches my eyes is a post in where a girl discussed about depression. One of the lines i felt unhappy is “Mahina ka kung hinayaan mo lamunin ka ng depression mo” (You are weak […]


Waking up each day with a bunch of disappointments and somewhat questions life, -like,why I still exist in this word, is the feeling I am kinda used to. I’m kinda exhausted yet still have the determination to chin up and say ‘I can’ even if the other side of me is dying. Sometimes, I view […]

30th of April

T’was only like yesterday when I started to open my eyes in this beautiful world. When I started to learn things. When I started to understand what it is. And appreciate what truly life is. As growing up, it’s never been easy to me. I had face many trials and inevitable words from uncountable judgemental […]

I tried the so-famous pilaten mask to get rid of my black heads and made a review. I’ll post it maybe tomorrow with short videos. I’m planning to make vlogs soon. Your thoughts? 🙂

Why love?

Why love?  I don’t know.  Why love him?  I don’t know as well. Why still love him even if he’s pushing you away?  I don’t really know. There’s something in me that keeps choosing him even if he already deleted me in his choices. There’s something within that keep loving him even if my body […]

Brandnew start.

All I can hear is foot steps, the tickin of the clock, the unnecessary voices of my parents. I open my eyes and stared the ceiling. I still can hear them. The annoying scratch of the cats in the windowpane. The lovable laughs of the happy kids, playin. My phone that keeps on ringing. The […]

12AM thoughts

Tonight, there’s a monster, An inevitable monster. It is here, again.  And.. You keep on runnin! before it get in, For it keeps everything ruin. but.. When? When? When will you stop? When will you stop running to it… When? When will you face it?