Its been days already. Every day gets harder and harder. I can’t even stand out of my bed. Depression is drowning me.. I can’t escape nor scream… I have no one and no where… I want to die… I am so tired and weary.. I can’t do this anymore… 


Its already days when u left me I once saw u when im on my way.. u r wearin the red shirt I gave Im about to leave but u say hey! I go near to u and fake a smile I remember all the happy times I see all the spark and hearts floating […]

7Days Review: Is it really an acne-no-more with Castor Oil?

I’m pretty sure that most of you have probably knew this product. This product -Castor oil helps get rid of acne and helps in hair growth. (like thickening the eyelashes & brows)  Last thursday november 9, 2017, since I’ve been having a break out, I decided to bought a small bottle of Castor Oil with […]