I know that these days are hard and the monster inside you aint stop to ruin your life but always remember that someone out there loves you. Even if the reason to die is swiftly increases day by day, there’s always billions of reasons to stay. It may be stormy now but it will not […]


I wish that there comes a day that you will say “I lost the moon while counting the stars” That night, as how heavy the rain pouring is, is my eyes filled with ocean that leaves single scars. Every beat of the heart, is an exhausted body that still chooses to stay even the mind […]

Now that you’re gone

Now that you’re gone, I don’t know where to run. I don’t know what’s the new plan neither to build a new one.. It’s no longer me, when you walk away. Those eyes that I’d lay Agressively filled with ocean  Just like how swiftly our memories flew… Flew to the wind and faded away.. And […]

The truth: everyone can be criminals

Nowadays, we find criminals or people that may hurt us as gross looking type of peeps in the society. We often called them as “gangrenous dick” in the community. But, lately as what I’ve experienced and what I’ve read, I realized many things.  First, in my experience. It’s 8:05pm that time I am just walkin […]


I stepped towards the window, feeling the sun kisses my cheeks and my tears slowly flowing to.I remember how happy our relationship was, before, and suddenly, after waking up several mornings, everything started to change.. From “iloveyou and you are all I needed” to “iloveyou but you aren’t one of my priorities anymore.” I noticed […]

I’m a bit uncomfortable today. Early morning, I sat in the couch and scroll on facebook. One of the post that catches my eyes is a post in where a girl discussed about depression. One of the lines i felt unhappy is “Mahina ka kung hinayaan mo lamunin ka ng depression mo” (You are weak […]


Waking up each day with a bunch of disappointments and somewhat questions life, -like,why I still exist in this word, is the feeling I am kinda used to. I’m kinda exhausted yet still have the determination to chin up and say ‘I can’ even if the other side of me is dying. Sometimes, I view […]