12 noon thoughts

There’s this friend of ours or someone we know, who always use this line “incase that you’re not okay, don’t forget to call me, I am always here for you.” But the truth, not all the time the people who told us to be in our side will always be. Not all the time people you expected to be there will be there because the truth, you don’t always have to expect things. You don’t always have to depend on someone to comfort you and whatsoever. Because, not everyone who’s with you in your good days, will be there to your bad days. Not everyone will stick on you permanently. There’s no such thing as forever in this world. (Maybe love?) -but everything changes. Everything is temporary even those so called love ones of ours. You have to learn to stand by your own so you can conquer every milleseconds of your life. So, you can vanish all the wickens shits that been throwin to us. I’m not saying this for you to go away from those toxic and non-toxic peeps out there or to own your problems, to be alone and etc. but, to tell you, to stand in you own, whether you have or doesn’t have someone by your side. Always remember that we are all who we are. We can do great things! 

3rd day

So it’s already 3days when you decided to break up with me but didn’t happen for I am the kind of person who don’t wanna lose what’s hers. The days were only feel froze to the breeze of your coldness. You keep on ignoring me yet I never get tired chasing you. I’m still willing to be here for you even if those millions reasons to stay are slowly vanish one by one. I still wanna make this work despite of it’s fatal condition. I always wanna tell you “don’t leave me” but I know sooner or later, you gonna leave me without any words. You know what? That night after I told you to open your heart, I become more afraid. Those breezes suddenly becames giggles. You became sweet eventually. I am afraid that it’s just for the night, that when you wake up, I will never hear your voice calling me “baby” again…

Summer throwback

So since it’s already summer, here’s a throwback from last year. Hoho I love how tan my skin was, this is the reason why my skin is not pale-white anymore.  Hello to my dearest’s who keep on askin me. I missed this. Thanks by the way to our bamboo-designed rooftop for adding an ons and complements to my tan skin. 

Being in a relationship

It’s really sweet in the start, and, you would kinda feel like, it will last forever. At first, you would define it as being in a relationship is happiness but as days, weeks or months passed by, you will learn what truly love is. In a relationship, fight is inevitable. Even how much both of you keep away of that, you will really feel those ups and down, circumstances, worse or dark days etc. For that’s life. You have to deal with it but, together with your partner. For this is life of being in a relationship. You have to give for you to take and vice versa. 

A Model

“A model should know that her responsibility is to show the characterics of a woman”

It was monday and I arrived school late. Friday last week our teacher randomly select students and started the impromptu speech but unfortunately time flew fast and we’re 50 in the class so my teacher says that we’ll continue it next week. So monday, as I arrived in our classroom, one of my classmate is in front already, so, my teacher told me I’m next. Then, when it is my turn, I don’t know what’s going in my mind  for it’s an impromptu speech. Not even a single dot comes to my mind. I really don’t have an idea to what topic my teacher will give me. I’m a bit nervous yet confident but when my teacher says that discuss about ” A model should know that her responsibility is to show the characterics of a woman” I am relief because modeling is my dream. Since then when I was young, I love to take photos of me, posed to cameras, and such but I haven’t tried photoshoot to professional photographers even once. When I started talking, all the memories flashes into my mind that I wanna be a model, I wanna be, I wanna be. “Growing up, I always wanted to be a model. For me, beauty is not about being good, being beautiful, looking beautiful and most definitely it’s not about being known. It’s about having the purity of oneself and the courageousness to be fearless. To fear no one to stand who you are, because for me beauty is to be yourself, and I also believe that we are raised to conquer every milliseconds of our life. Thank you.” I don’t know if I am right to your own point of you about the statement given to me but this is what I believe and feel. Right now, I am trying my best to get in to this model search. And they already approved my entry and now I am waiting if I am in or not they told me it takes few weeks to know the result. Patience is a virtue! 

P.S. this is just a quick post, so it might have errors specially in my grammar. Pls help me to improve. Thankyou! Mabuhay from the PH!

Communication on point

Good day! Last friday, our teacher in oral communication give us a task by which we will choose a maxim or quote to be present and explain infront. And the quote I choose is a quote by Rick Stives that says, “self-consciousness kills communication.” I am a lazy person and due to the task will be perform on monday, I didn’t prepared anything even an idea of how would I explain it further etc.. And then here comes monday! I rush to school to have some time to prepare what I am about to say and approximately 15 mins. my teacher came and I am still unprepared. We were called one by one and after 12 or 13 I heard, “Your turn Andrea.” And I feel so nervous. I feel my knees wrecking. I stood up where I am sitting and took a deep breath. Honestly, I am not fluent in english and I am not a good speaker. I walks along the aisle and reach the front of the classroom. I look at my teacher nodding to me like she was saying ‘go on, start now.’ I took a deep breath again and started. Good morning everyone, my quote is self-consciousness kills communication by Rick Stives.. I paused and look at my classmates and said to my self “Panindigan mo kung ano yung sa quote mo!” (Stand what your quote saying) and then a deep breath again and again and continues.. For me, it is really true that sel-consciousness kills communication because if you are conscious to one’s own act your listeners will doubt the things that you are saying. If it is true or not. If you’re telling a lie or what. Cause in your own, you looks so unsure! Unsure in a sense that you don’t deliver each words well that kills communication. For example.. if you are going to pursuade something, how can you pursuade if you can’t deliver such words well and appropriately. How can you pursuade something if in you, you looks unsure that can’t stand what you are saying. Don’t make bariers that would kill communication. Don’t be a hindrance for having an effective communication. Stay poised and redirect your focus to your listeners, that matter most. Thankyou..  and after that, I feel so glad for making those. As what i’ve said, im not fluent in english and im not a good speaker and fulfilling those are like an achievement. The lesson I wanna share to you is to not live just to make possible things but also to make impossible things be possible. And to make those possible, always be prepared unlike me, I am in a rush that makes me feels those nerves wrecking. Also, if you’re going to explain something infront, always remember SPAS. for study. Study your topic even if you knew already about it. It’s better if you gather many information to be verbose in explaining. P for prepared. Always be prepared like what I’ve said, don’t look at me as a paragon to be followed, look at me as a paragon to be a lesson. A for attentive. Always redirect your focus to whom matters. S for smart. Smart not in a sense that you should have a high IQ but in a sense that you understand your topic and what you’re about to say. You should understand for you to understand and to let them understand it. Because if you don’t understans what your topic is, then you can’t let them understand it. As easy as that. You should understand and use those skills wisely. In explaining, you don’t please yourself but your listeners because your listeners is the product. Again, you not live just to make possible things but also to make impossible things be possible. You have to turn out of a box and come up with such product that would be absolutely on point.. 

This is a throwback blog post from me in my first account. (I just copy paste this from there) This was written on november 12, 2016. 

How I started

It’s only last year when I started blogging. At first, the reason why I want to make a blog, is because I am kinda pissed to teens nowadays who’s blogging yet only for popularity. I know all of us make a blog to be known but I believe that to be a good writer, you should write to be notice, understood and appreciated, not just to be fame -and that’s a big difference. Mostly of those teen’s posts are nonsense yet clapped by the others and honestly speaking I am somehow, get jealous. I said to myself, if they can then, I can do it too. I know writing is my passion. I am a lover of words ever since I was young. I still remember when, -to be a writer is one of my ambition yet I don’t wanna be a journalist. So, my mom says that you should not make writing as a center. Don’t focus on it. You should atleast have a degree that will make them proud. And for the result, I am now an incoming grade 12, pursuing general academics for I am still undecided. I don’t know what course really suits to me.
 I started from a scratch, a really plain scratch, seriously. I have nothing even a single dot. I started first, searching for a good blog host. I already tried some and read many various reviews and end up to wordpress. And I have no regrets in paying a few minutes just to install and try this. I am 100% satisfied not just because of the wordpress but to everyone who makes wordpress as a whole. Blogging, was really hard at first. When you start blogging, it’s up to you on how you can gain followers and audiences. You should really have patience in following and inviting everyone. Patience is a virtue, indeed. And now, here I am. From a plain scratch to somehow, to dots, for I always have this “I can improve, watch me” and “I am who I am, I can do great things” in my mind.

I wanna share this to you guys not because I want to shout out what I’ve been, but, to encourage all of you to strive hard. This is life and you’re the one who makes your own path. Always keep in mind that we are all raised to stand up and conquer every milliseconds of our life. 

Turning 18

I will just share what I am feeling right now. I am so physically and mentally anxious and exhausted. I don’t have someone’s shoulder right now, so, this is my way of keeping myself cool down and away to depression for I am depressed this past few days and I don’t want to feel that thing again. I am turning 18 this month and my parents keep fighting each other for they have different suggestions. Here in the Philippines, I don’t know if in other countries too, when girls celebrate their 18th birthday, you should prepared an event or party. A debut celebration. My mother wanted me to have a celebration and whatever I tell her even if I tell her it is my birthday, she always says that “I am your mother.” Goodthing, my father wants what I really want. He always says that “follow what your heart and mind says.” But he always told me to get a licence and be a woman yet, I know to myself I am a girl and it will took time for me to be. I am grown and raised from my grandparent’s crib because my parents are separated. Broken family, indeed.  I can’t decide to what I want. My mother is kinda you-know-strong-badass that will do everything to make what she want, to happen. What I really want in my 18th is to sleep all day for in this generation, 10hrs sleep is only once in a blue moon. You’re lucky if you got atleast 5 and up hrs of sleep. I want to rest. I want to be comfortable. I want to be stress free. I want to be happy but then again, this is life. They are my parent. And I don’t know what will I do. 


From a scratch to this. I feel so blessed to achieve this. Yes, this might be just a small thing for you but this is already big to me. Thank you so much to everyone who compromises that 157 views. I promise to do my best in writing. I’m just starting, please help me to improve.