Beauty in the nature of living

Live, love, repeat.” –That’s what we need.

 Friday morning I stepped out of my room to head straight to our mini garden and take some shot for my instagram account for I am so longing to upload a new picture and then unexpectedly, I saw this gorgeous one. I don’t know what kind of insect is this but it looks like a big bugg so I call it buggchi, pronounced as bagki. It really looks so unique in my eyes due to its queenly color -a combination of silver and gold. At first, I thought I can’t take a good shot of it, for like some insects do fly right away before you focus your camera but luckily,  after 6 or 7 shots buggchi stay and acts like striking a pose -chining up in the camera like it was saying “go, take a picture of me, im ready.” In the end, as looking back to the present, I realize that beauty isn’t really just about defining it, but letting it to define itself. You just have to live and love for it’s the nature of living. 

-This is a throwback post from my first account. This is my very first blog post. (October 30, 2016)



Its already days when u left me

I once saw u when im on my way..

u r wearin the red shirt I gave

Im about to leave but u say hey!

I go near to u and fake a smile

I remember all the happy times

I see all the spark and hearts floating

But im all wrong bc its not me

U dont love me like it used to be

I forget that u got ur new babe

After what happened I drink solely

Broke and wasted emotionally

I wish that u werent my frailty

Bc its so hard and killin me

I wish u back, and love me again.

And  fill all the empty space within

Wake me up when I can really see

See that theres no longer u and me

That i am no longer blind, really..

Blackheads no more with Toothpase 

What you need:



Empty container

Ice cube

What to do:

1. Put toothpaste in the empty container.

2. Add salt

3. Mixed them.

4. Add a lil water and continue mixing it.

5. When it’s done. Wash your face or the area where you want to apply.

6. Leave for 5-10 minutes. You can feel a stingling feeling. (Yes, it’s normal)

7. After 10 minutes, massage it slowly and in a circular motion. Do not massage it harshly.

8. After few minutes, rinse thoroughly. Apply ice cube to close pores.

9. Dry off and see the difference.



(The redness is normal.)

7Days Review: Is it really an acne-no-more with Castor Oil?

I’m pretty sure that most of you have probably knew this product. This product -Castor oil helps get rid of acne and helps in hair growth. (like thickening the eyelashes & brows) 

Last thursday november 9, 2017, since I’ve been having a break out, I decided to bought a small bottle of Castor Oil with a brandname “apollo” from watsons. It’s very afforadable for only 42.20 php you can already avail a 30mL bottle. 

Here it is..

Ready to take the challenge? 





o o p s before that, I take a “before-applying” photos first. For us to easily distinguish if there’s a progress or none.

Here are those..


Pimps everywhere. (These are both right side bc my left have none)

So yes, I put an arrows on each to point out lol. As you can see my acne have grown bad and alive. It hurts whenever it’s touched.

After washing my face at night and patted it to dry, I simply use my fingers to put it on the areas and since I’ve got excited, I’ve putted too much unintentionally. But, I have read some sites that castor oil moisturizes the skin and a good anti-bacterial, so, problem no more and I whip it all over my face. 


Of course, change is not the kind of “when u apply, u’ll get it right away” 

My pimples are still there of course but the others who are small are starting to fade.


I’ve noticed that my pimps are starting to dry. It’s healing.


They are dried already but nonetheless it bleed. I unintentionally had scratch it and the skin fell off that makes it bleed.


My skin is starting to clear my pimps. 


My pimples dried and those in my face are pimples marks only. At first, I was honestly become disappointed because the pimple marks darken.


Unfortunately, I dont have a good quality camera to use but when you see my face, it is starting to peel that those dark spots I dislike slowly change its skin a lighter and a better one.

In the 7 days of using, I really saw how it works. It may not clear off the pimples fully, I think that by using it continously, it will vanish those pimple marks completely.

All in all, I give this product 4 out of 5. It is thick in mixture and have a smell that will distinguish that it is an oil but is not bottersome. It’s not pricey and very affordable and as you can see, it really works!

 P.S. I know i’m ugly, u don’t have to say it.

I know that these days are hard and the monster inside you aint stop to ruin your life but always remember that someone out there loves you. Even if the reason to die is swiftly increases day by day, there’s always billions of reasons to stay. It may be stormy now but it will not lasts forever. There’s always an end to all the pain and sufferings.


I wish that there comes a day that you will say “I lost the moon while counting the stars”

That night, as how heavy the rain pouring is, is my eyes filled with ocean that leaves single scars.

Every beat of the heart, is an exhausted body that still chooses to stay even the mind already know that it wasn’t me anymore. 

It wasn’t me anymore, It wasn’t me you’re wishing to be with but it’s all me, the one you don’t care. 

I love you like how it start.

I miss you like how deeply the emotion filled the art.  

But then again, you aren’t happy. I am no longer your happiness. You’re already looking for the other

It feels like I am one of the rose that does not ended up being part of the bouquet. Because, you push me away without the present of nostalgia..

I am carried by bitter-sweet neutrality. Like how you were and gone far..

I wish you to be back with the gist of love and care. 

But, I know the nuclei we’ve been building of for months will not be the same again. I know it is no longer me, you’re looking for.

And so, I wish you realize and regret leaving me with those dirty martini over your hand.

And hope that someone will come to my life and will hold me better than you do.

Will hold me better than I hold my tears.

Will hold me better and will never ever go.

And will never ever let me go…

I love you like how it start but I think this is the end now

And this is only for sayin goodbye..

Good bye to “ours” that already died..

That will never everbgonna be alive..

I may promise that my love will never lasts, but this word is the last..


Now that you’re gone

Now that you’re gone,

I don’t know where to run.

I don’t know what’s the new plan

neither to build a new one..

It’s no longer me,

when you walk away.

Those eyes that I’d lay

Agressively filled with ocean 

Just like how swiftly our memories flew…

Flew to the wind and faded away..

And as the last “iloveyou” being rejected,

I know that nothing will be back again.

Now that you’re gone….

The truth: everyone can be criminals

Nowadays, we find criminals or people that may hurt us as gross looking type of peeps in the society. We often called them as “gangrenous dick” in the community. But, lately as what I’ve experienced and what I’ve read, I realized many things. 

First, in my experience. It’s 8:05pm that time I am just walkin outside the school. I am about to go home that time when there’s a man stopped me that really shookt me. He literally blocked my way but my surprised heart slightly calm when he politely greet me “Hi.” He’s sorry for giving me fear inside and then asked about a place I am not familiar with for I am not living nearby. Even if I already told him that I don’t know where it is, he followed me while walking and keep on saying sorry for what happened earlier. Then asked me about where’s the hypermarket when it is obvious that where walking towards it. I didn’t say a thing and point it instead. I continued to walk as I am catching my poor scared heart. Feeling every steps of him walking together with me. What scares me more is when he speaks unto different tone and told me he was’nt really asking for directions but to follow me. Good thing we reached the parking area with lots of people. I tried my very best to walk fast as I could in a not obvious way and thanks he disappeared. Maybe if there’s no people surrounds us he might still follow me. The experience is is very scary and unforgettable that everytime I am walking in I’d feel my nerves wrecking.

Second, to what I’ve read. This may be a one-sided story  if you’ll look at but try to analyze what I am pointing out. There’s this issue or “haka-haka” (speculation, assumption, suspicion) in the society that policemen killed a 17 yrs. old drug runner. A drug runner is the one who takes illegal drugs from one to another. They say that it is not true that the 17 yrs. old is a drug runner. They pushed that it is a very kind child so how can he do it? The other side says that there are are evidences they’d gather to prove the alligation. To sum it up, if the issue is really true, where do the police-men get their courage to take away the life of a 17 yrs. old child? Police-men are the one who should protect and serve the citizens they represent. Despite of the case of a 17 yrs old if proven, killing is still in whatever and wherever side you’ll look at should still be condemned. #JusticeForKian

Lastly, to everyone. There’s this girl, she cries over grades. One time, she arrrived home happily to tell her parents that she’s on the top. But, she was ignored. The next day, she’s seen full of blood. Wanna know why? She did everything for her to have their attention. She gave it all but she was left alone. I know that you do feel the same way. You love them so much but in return they’ll hurt you. We always tend to receive the opposite care that we shared.

What I wanted to tell in this post is, people that may hurt us are everywhere. Things change. The 3 paragraphs only says that everywhere can be a crime scene and everyone can be criminals . Someone we don’t expect them to, can actually do that to you. No matter how you pushed things to work out, not everything will always fall unto your plans. Only yourself is your support. There’s no one you can be with, every minute. So be strong. Not for them, but for you. You are always worth it. You are born to slay every minute. You wasn’t born to be a mediocre. Grow up. Even if we shout for humanity the reality is, it is nowhere to be find. So, if there’s no more humanity in this word, be the change. Everything starts and lasts with you. Begin to vision life as a combat field, be prepared because you don’t know when the bullets of the enemy strikes.